The Secret Life of An English Garden Week 5

2 New visitors and signs of spring.

Ice forms look like feathers on a frosty morning.

As the Beast from the East swept off to the north, a lull in the winds and cold brought mist and fog at the beginning of the week. It’s great for atmospheric shots, hiding detail and colour and emphasising the shape and form of the garden plants, in particular the trees.

The Apple tree shows up against the fog wreathed background Beeches.

It was a welcome respite for the garden visitors, too especially the birds. With signs of tiny insects on the wing, they needed to visit the feeders a little less. Their song was still present in the garden though and my regular visitors were joined by a newcomer as the snow returned.

This Mistle Thrush could be seen enjoying the last of the berries from the Holly tree which sits next door to the Apple at the end of the garden.

The Holly tree provides great cover for the birds and the Robins seem to dash in and out. I’m hoping they are nesting in the stone wall just behind. The tree itself is something of a blessing and a curse. It’s thick foliage blocks the light from the lawn which is consequently very mossy, and the sharp prickly leaves are hard to deal with. But the birds love it so it is a boon.

Later in the week, the snow returned to blanket everything and bring another visitor. This time an elderly fox was unconcerned with human presence as it looked around for food. I suspect it had found scraps on the floor from the suet filled coconuts and was hoping for more. Two days later he was spotted in the back garden and caught on camera.

Sunday brought rain and the garden seemed enveloped in cloud the whole day. It was nice to see the crocuses blooming and adding a splash of royal purple to the lawn below the Berberis, brightening up the gloomy day.

This article is Week five of my record of the life in my garden through the year.

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