The Joy and Distraction of being Creative

Black and White Mandala with 8 fold symmetry by Janice Gill.

I hate doing housework. It’s just so damn boring and thankless and it never stays done.

Anything can distract me from it.

It doesn’t get any less boring when it’s tidying up the files on my computer. I have a lot of files. Mostly photographs.

Yesterday, I came across these two. They are several years old and I’d been meaning to do something with them for ages.

At the time I took them, I was just a beginner at photo editing. Things have moved on a bit since then. And like I said, it doesn’t take much to distract me.

A couple of hours later and I have a dozen new images and my head is just buzzing with ideas for using them.

Here’s a selection.

Midnight and Fire.
Four fold symmetries overlaid, Blue Shades and Deep Oceans

All that glorious colour. I really want to get some printed as fabrics now and use the squares as quilt blocks.

Or tessellate the Midnight one in tiny squares on dress fabric.

I find it amazing how different each design can look by changing colours and all from 2 very different photographs. It’s one of the joys of being creative.

Maybe distraction isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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