Secrets of an English Garden Week 8.

The year Marches into April.

The gloriously coloured male Pheasant, the largest bird that visits our garden.

March 26th — April 1st.

There is a saying in this country about March — in like a lion and out like a lamb. This year the month has roared through with frosty, snowy, wet or cold weather throughout. No lamb-like exit this time!

Spring hasn’t so much sprung as crept. The flowers often hidden under inches of snow or rimed with ice, seemed to be bowed under the onslaught. The buds on the shrubs are fattened and ready to burst, just waiting for some consistent sunshine and warmth to help the sap to rise.

April Snow

The continuing cold has meant the feeding station has been as busy as ever. There was the odd day this week where we didn’t have to replenish the food so when it’s available the birds do seem to prefer finding their own.

The Robins are getting a little less tolerant of each other as the nesting season gets closer. There are definitely three and possibly four regular visitors. We’ve called them Grumpy, Posh, Patch and Flash because of their distinctive features.

Grumpy has dark markings near his beak making him look like he has a permanent frown.


Flash has a flash of white feathers on that show at the side of his wings.


Posh is the slim, elegant one.


Last but not least is Patch, whose red bib has more patches towards the beige colouring below the wings.


Setting up a feeding station close to the house has provided us with endless fascination. If you are looking to learn about wildlife or photography or both, I can highly recommend it.

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