Secrets of an English Garden Week 22

July 2nd — July 8th.

The weather in this early part of summer is somewhat unusual for the UK, much warmer and considerably drier. It’s having quite an effect on the garden with many plants ceasing to flower early and others coming into flower much more quickly. Others are suffering degrees of stress and browning or succumbing to attacks they would normally manage without trouble. The pink pompoms of the chives have seeded quickly, now providing food for birds rather than bees.

The feeding station has now been supplemented with a large tray of water which the robins have been bathing in. With my usually damp garden now mostly dry a lot of the wildlife will need a fresh water source.

The bees have now moved on from the California lilac to the Butterfly bush. Unfortunately for me, it’s way to high to get any good shots. I did manage to get one shot of a new species to the garden, a Furrow Bee. There are quite a number of species of this bee but without capturing one and killing it, I can’t name it exactly. I’ll settle for the identification I’ve managed!

Great plants for the garden at this time of year are herbs. Many will stand up to quite a spell of drought. Rosemary, Oregano, various Mints and Lavender are among the range I have. The Oregano is a particular favourite with the pollinating insects at the moment, particularly the honey bees.

It’s getting much more difficult to capture good bee shots in the hot weather as they move around from flower to flower so quickly.

Butterflies are starting to be more prevalent with Peacocks and Tortoiseshells both in abundance. I will have to tempt them down from the Buddleia (Butterfly Bush)to get some photographs of them.

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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