Young Great Tit at Garden Feeder by Janice Gill

Secrets of an English Garden Week 19

Baby Birds, Bees and Badgers.

Great Tit youngsters gathered en masse

This week saw the arrival of the fledglings of both the Blue Tits and Great Tits.

The Great Tits arrived in numbers, the parents ignoring their cries for feeding so they had to help themselves.

The Blue Tits have visited the feeder in one’s and twos. The parents were unable to resist the calls to be fed even though the food was right there for the youngsters.

Blue Tit Fledgling by Janice Gill
Adult Blue tit jumping to feed it’s young.

The shot above captures the adult bird as it jumps before flitting up to it’s young calling to be fed.

It amazes me how large the youngsters are, appearing even more so with their fluffy feathers.

New bee visitors have been spotted among the regular Bumble Bees and the enormous number of Honey Bees.

A Furrow Bee on the Californian Lilac

This is my first spotting of a Furrow Bee. It looks very waspish with that narrow waist but is a Solitary Bee.

Honey Bee on Ceanothus (California Lilac)

The Californian Lilac provides much needed support for an array of pollinators whose populations have been drastically reduced due to over zealous use of insecticides and loss of wildflower meadows.

The Deutzia in the back garden is more popular with Bumble Bees

Tree Bee on Deutzia flower

The badger visited again. I still haven’t got a decent shot of him due to the low light and not being able to use flash through the window. He’s far too skittish to let me get close outside.

Hopefully, we’ll have more fledglings visiting soon. It would be fantastic to see a young woodpecker as both parents still visit the garden.

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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