Secrets of an English Garden Week 18

June 4th — June 11th

The garden is now buzzing with life as we move from late spring into early summer. The California lilac is in full bloom and attracting a range of pollinators including bumblebees, honey bees and hover flies. The turquoise colour is stunning and glows in the early evening.

A couple of yards up the path and the yellow iris is also flowering like crazy. It’s a plant that likes something of a damp soil, so it’s suited to it’s shady position at the bottom of a tall stone wall. The bright yellow flowers are attractive to a range of insects in particular the Garden and Carder Bumblebees.

This bee moved from flower with it’s exceptionally long tongue hanging out. Perfectly adapted to collecting nectar from the long throat of the iris.

The next little chap I’m not so sure about. His colouring is magnificent, but as I haven’t been able to identify him, I’m not sure if he’s causing too much damage to the iris or if he’s just accessing the flower’s nectaries the only way he can.

Common Purple Vetch is one of the wildflowers to have found a home in the garden. It has beautiful pea type flowers in shades of purple from violet to palest lavender. It is another bee favourite, particularly the long tongued types.

I love the background of this shot that’s become quite abstract with the tendrils creating a mosaic effect in the bright greens.

Of course, it hasn’t been a tale of just insects. Our two largest mammal visitors, a red fox and a badger have both been seen. Unfortunately they are both dusk visitors so it’s really difficult to get any kind of photograph.

I’ll have to set up ready for him with the camera focused in advance and a light source available. The problem will be not scaring him away.

As for the birds, I’m impatiently waiting for any sign of youngsters popping out of the nest in the wall. The parents are still very busy.

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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