Secrets of an English Garden Week 15

May 14th — May 20th

Welsh Poppy (Papaver Cambrica). by Janice Gill

These past 15 weeks have really opened my eyes.

Even though I knew there was plenty to see, it’s been a revelation.

The change from deep snow and the fight for survival to the lengthening days and gradual warming.

The change in rhythm, the garden busy in the twilight of dawn and dusk as opposed to middle of the day.

Crow on the front lawn.

The small birds visiting more rarely, the larger birds more often. The crow above is a new visitor — we usually get Jackdaws, smaller birds of the same family. I like this one’s white flash on his chest. Crows often get a bad rap, but I like their intelligence and inquisitiveness.

The fox, brazen in daylight hours of winter, desperate for food, now keeping under cover of darkness. We know he’s there. The garden seems to hold it’s breath while he’s around. Something different about the sounds you can’t quite put your finger on.

Rainbow of a spider’s web caught in a shaft of sunlight.

Most surprising to me has been the variety of insects. Pointing a macro lens at everything that flies or crawls opens up a completely different world.

Bees, hoverflies, moths, all present in a variety I hadn’t even guessed at. All part of a food chain that eventually gets to us, each a strand in an infinite web of connections.

Tiny Moth on Speedwell.

The blueberries are in flower now attracting the long tongued pollinators including some bees. They are joined by a host of wild flowers including Germander Speedwell, Geranium, Granny’s Bonnets and the amazing orange of the Welsh Poppy. The flowers of the chives are finally opening too and should soon be buzzing with bees once they’ve found this rich nectar source.

Granny’s bonnets (Aquilegia)
Clockwise from top left Blueberry, Chives, Mouse Ear, Common Daisy.

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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