Repetition and the Route to Serendipity.

Creating Chances for Happy Accidents by sticking with it.

Grumpy Robin :-) A perfect expression for the day.

I have hundreds of photos on my hard drive of garden birds. I’ve taken hundreds more. Some are good, some are great, one or two are awesome (even if I do say so myself) and sell well for me as cards at craft shows.

In the last three days alone I’ve taken about 200. I won’t be stopping any time soon because photography gives me a lot of pleasure. It makes me really look at a subject and see with an Artist’s eye.

Cute expression

Looking with an Artist’s eye is a skill that needs nurturing or you will lose it. It’s something very precious, but anyone can do it if they take the time. It’s worth taking the time because the world becomes magical and even the smallest space unfolds a myriad of new visions.

So I keep taking photographs, watching and experiencing the minutes, days and seasons as they wheel around.

1 snowflake from 50 different snowflakes over 3 days.

Through all this some special moments arise. Sometimes they may even be caught on camera. If you’re not ready, you’ll miss it in a fraction of a second.

If you have been repeating your skills daily you may just catch that moment of serendipity. The fleeting moment of magic that takes your creativity out of the everyday and into the extraordinary.

Great creatives throughout the ages have stuck at. Artists like Monet with his Lillies, Van Gogh with his Sunflowers. Mondrian whose trees in a moment of genius became the blueprint for his will loved grid and block paintings. Writers stick at it. Musicians too. And Photographers.

Unexpected, technically imperfect, but beautiful all the same!

Over to you

To find your own moment of magic, whether that’s just for you, like the robin photo above, or awesome enough to share with the world, keep creating, keep that muscle memory alive and be ready to grab opportunity with both hands.

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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