Towards Barmouth, Sunset.

Murder Probe — Advice Kills Creativity.

Stick to your Guns and Shoot from the Heart

“ Don’t take pictures of sunsets, nobody buys sunset pictures”

That was the first piece of advice given to me when I started sending my photographs to Stock Photography sites.

Fortunately, I love taking pictures of the sunset so much that I completely ignored this piece of advice. I simply never sent them off.

Out in the real world, sunset pictures are always popular. They turn landscapes magical, warm and inviting. They bring mood and atmosphere.

They can be romantic, soothing, enigmatic or inspiring. Why wouldn’t we want to create with such wonderful source materials?

Sunset stroll, Wales

Follow Your Heart

The reason for mentioning this episode is to illustrate how important following your own heart can be.

There is a time to follow advice and a time to ignore it. Following advice when you are learning a new skill is a good idea. Following advice when it relates to a process is often a good idea.

Following advice when it’s at odds with your vision, when it reins in your passion is not a good idea.

Twilight reflected, Lake Vyrnwy, Wales

Giving Advice

I give lots of advice. Quite often it’s totally contradictory. I introduce composition with the Rule of Thirds then later tell you to break it.

I hope I don’t get evangelical with my advice so that it sounds like laws carved in stone. That’s when trust gets broken. The problem with the statement from that portfolio manager was it left no room for interpretation.

How much better to have said

“we don’t need any sunset photos, our clients don’t buy them”

If it Moves You, Shoot it

If you are looking to find your own niche or your own voice you can do worse than ignore advice on what an image should be. If lots of advice goes against an idea but it still moves you, then you may well be on the right track.

Innovation starts with not taking advice, with not following the rules, with chasing your dreams.

Tal Y Bont, Gwynedd, Wales

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Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.