Original Artwork Janice Gill

I am alive

Here, in the dark

Bristling energy

Around, inside, beating

Growing, desiring, filling and flowing,

Fighting, fighting riding the wave

Exploding, coruscating scintillating fire.



Safe in the mass.

The humdrum,

the cycle of time.

I am alive here, in the dark.


Ebb and flow.

Swaying dancing phoenix

Familiar sense, desire, grow

Feeling, fighting riding the wave

Exploding energy, electric, scintillating coruscating light.

Into the night.

The endless



Between the stars.

I am alive, here in the dark once again.

Wax and wane.

Ebb and flow

Swaying, dancing, rhythm

Phoenix feelings familiar senses

Desiring, growing, riding, fighting

Wave exploding energy electric hold direction

Scintillating, coruscating, dazzling, brilliant light.

From the darkness


In the world

I am alive.

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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