Just the cutest little ball of fluff.

Long-tailed Tit on the garden feeder.

Long-tailed Tit, Sheffield, England

If you are a new photographer and want to start taking pictures of wildlife the best piece of advice I can give is start in your own garden.

We have been putting food out for the local bird population for the last three years. Not because I want to get great photographs, which I do, but because the habitats of the wildlife and their food supplies have been decimated, especially in the edge of the city location where we live.

Watching the coming and goings of the birds is a constant source of joy, never more so than when the long-tail tits flock around. They are simply the cutest bundles of fluff ever looking like animated feathered ping pong balls.

I set my camera up in the window of my living room during the winter. Even through the extra glass, I think this is a great quality shot.

I used aperture priority, my favoured setting, at F6.3 and 120s exposure. ISO was set at 200. The gear is a 75–300 zoom lens on my Olympus OM E-M1 camera.

Hope you like it :-)

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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