Bear Steps Art Gallery with work by Janice Gill. Photo by Janice Gill

It’s been awhile.


Janice Gill
2 min readApr 4, 2022


Two more family members have succumbed to Covid, both in January this year. Ben, my nephew was just 32 and lost his fight first. Woody, his father was 50 and left us at the end of January.

We’ve now said goodbye to 6 family members, four to covid.

Rubbing salt into the wounds, I am now unemployed.

Looking for work at almost 60 is a revelation I wish on no-one. If I do get an interview, as soon as I walk the through the door, expressions change. No-one wants an employee who is allowed to retire in 7 years.

None of this helps when sitting down to write. How dare I be so frivolous with everyone around me grieving. And so I last wrote on here in October.

I still have to earn a crust though. Put food on the table.

So here I am, sat in a 15th Century building in the heart of Shrewsbury, England, putting my heart and soul on view to earn that crust.

In the current climate that is no easy task. There is no money to spare and things are going to get worse as the energy crisis in the UK bites. Not to mention raging inflation, the proximity of war, the dreadful effects on our economy and trading position of Brexit.

I wonder what this building has seen over it’s 600 year lifetime, and still it stands.

Take care x



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