I reversed my Diabetes and you can too.

Type 2 Diabetes doesn’t have to be progressive


Suddenly this wasn’t fun anymore. 7 pairs of eyes were waiting for me to tell them the number on the screen.

7 pairs of eyes expecting me to say something less than 6 or at most, less than 7. Only one person in the room had a reading higher than 7 and she had been diagnosed diabetic 3 weeks earlier.

mmol/L. The British measurement for blood sugar level. And mine was 15.4

7 pairs of eyes were still expectant. I said the words. Fifteen point four. It was out there.

You’re joking, let me see.

It’s true.

Something’s gone wrong. Do it again.

I decide to wait an hour, wash my hands and try again. I’d been eating sugary sweets and maybe the blood had dissolved some before it went on the strip. Waiting an hour would surely help it lower a bit too.


This party game was definitely not funny any longer. I had no doubt what it meant. I had type 2 diabetes. And it wasn’t just borderline.

I thought back over the last few months. I’d been seriously tired, coming home from work and falling asleep for three hours, out for the count. I’d put it down to the physical nature of my job.

I’d also been thirsty but put that down to a side effect of my IBS.

But no. I knew what that reading meant. I’d seen the condition in other people and didn’t much care for the prognosis in someone my age.

3 days later I was in the doctor’s surgery explaining the whole situation. I was booked in for my first HbA1c test, the definitive test for type 2 diabetes. It would indicate my blood sugar level over the previous 3 months.

In the end it would take 4 weeks to get a result. A normal result is less than 48, mine was in the 90’s.

In the meantime my husband bought me a book. It saved my sanity.

I was feeling depressed. The thought of the effects of the condition weighed heavily. I couldn’t see beyond a shortened future, daily medication, unpleasant complications.

That is, until I read a book on how to reverse your diabetes by Dr David Cavan. If you have type 2 diabetes diagnosed in the last couple of years, you need to read it.

It was a new hope. An alternative future. A promise of healthy life ahead. All I had to do was lose some weight and reduce my carbohydrates intake.

Now you should know here, that I wasn’t obese. If I lost half a stone my BMI would be in the normal range.

I carry weight around my middle however, so targeted a BMI of 22 which needed a loss of 35lbs.

I decided to cut out sugar to kick start the process, figuring it would have an immediate impact on my blood sugar levels.

Cutting out sugar had an impact within a week. And not only on my blood sugar. All symptoms of my IBS disappeared. No more diarrhea, no more cramps, no more bloating, no more sudden urges to go to the toilet. The freedom that gave me back cannot be expressed strongly enough and was more than enough encouragement to carry on the plan.

Within 10 weeks, I had lost all the weight I needed. I increased my carb intake from 100g per day to 150g, stabilizing my weight.

By the middle of August, 20 weeks after being diagnosed, I got the news that my latest HbA1c test result was 35, well inside the normal range.

I still can’t eat a high carb diet. This is a lifestyle change, not a diet. But it means my sugars never get to a level that causes damage to my body.

I am gladly exchanging food choice for the extra energy I’ve got and the knowledge I’ve improved both my life expectancy and quality of life.

This is just my experience. If you are in the same boat, I urge you to read Dr Cavan’s book and look at the results of a study at Newcastle University which demonstrates that type 2 diabetes can be reversed.

You’ve just got to want to make that change!

Good Luck 😁

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