How to Turn a Portrait into Pop Art

Step by Step Screen Shot Tutorial for any level.

Rowan Pop Art Style

Getting Started.

Levels icon on the adjustments panel
Levels properties box, sliders ringed in red.
Creating a new layer. Layer>New>Layer.
Set blend mode to multiply.
Rough Selection made.
Add to or subtract from your selection.
Improved selection.
Click on the colour picker icon indicated by an arrow here, then on a mid grey.
Hair selected and filled.
Full screen after adding all selections.
Hue/Saturation drop down menus, arrow indicates working layer.
Adding colour to the clothes layer. Make sure there is a tick in the colorize box.
All colours are now added.
Adjusting layers, choosing colour.
All layers visible, flatten image.
Image size dialogue box.
New File dialogue box.
Adding copies by pasting with Ctrl+V
Completed Andy Warhol style Pop Art.

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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