Herb Robert, a native Geranium in the UK, photo by Janice Gill

How Does My Garden Grow Week 4

Janice Gill
5 min readMay 19, 2021


Mid May

It’s the middle of May and it’s unseasonably cool for the time of year, but life keeps moving on through the sunny spells and thunderstorms — we don’t usually get many of those until August!

Going Native

New native flowers are appearing almost daily, untroubled by the cold nights and torrential rain. Some flowers are a little bruised from the hail, however.

The flower at the top has appeared in a nice sheltered spot close to the house. It doesn’t get many hours of direct sunshine so I’m happy to see it brighten up the shade. Finches particularly enjoy the seeds, it would be great to see some visit the garden, but I’m not sure they would come this far into town.

Heartsease, a native viola. Photo by Janice Gill

These are such cheerful flowers! Insects love them and the flower makes it easy for the nectar to be found with those violet runway stripes. It makes the most of any visit by collecting pollen on the brushes above the entrance. How cool is that?

I planted half a dozen of these last year knowing I will never have to buy seed again as they are incredibly productive. They will pop up in lots of little spots where little else could grow.

Cottage Garden Plants

Calendula — Pot Marigold. Phot by Janice Gill

There is a bit of a theme with my photos toady — they are all taken with a macro lens which shows detail that is easily overlooked from a normal viewing distance. Just look at those star shaped stamen tops, a visual magnet for pollinating insects.

Pot marigolds are not only bright and beautiful, they are also incredibly useful. As they are edible you can add them to your salad for a bright addition of colour. The petals also make a great cleanser.

Granny’s Bonnets, Columbine, Aquilegia



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