How Does My Garden Grow Week 3

Creating space for the Wild Things

English Bluebells

In the corner of my garden devoted to the wilder side of things, this tiny patch of English Bluebells was a nice surprise. I love the colour, delicacy and scent that brightens woodland floors across the UK before the canopy of the trees blocks out most of the light.

Unfortunately, Spanish bluebells are the common plant used in gardens with adverse effects on our naturalised flora. It may have the gorgeous colour but it has none of the delicacy, the flowers borne on thicker, upright stems that don’t move gently in the breeze and with no scent.


Keeping the blue flowered theme, this Myosotis or forget-me-not thrives in the same slightly damp and shaded conditions as the Bluebell. The flower buds change from pink gradually to sky blue as they open. I think you can see most of the stages of that transformation in this one shot!

Red Dead Nettle by Janice Gill

A relative of the stinging nettle, this plant has no such nasty surprise. It’s a common perennial wild flower throughout the British Isles. In many gardens it would be a weed, but here I am quite happy to let it grow underneath my raspberry canes.

In addition to being a nectar source for bees (enough of a reason on it’s own to keep them), being a relative of the mint family, the young leaves and the flowers are perfectly edible. Try them in a green leaf salad to brighten it up.

Blue Leaf Beetle by Janice Gill

This very handsome beetle in deep metallic blue was spotted on my Medlar tree. I am making an educated guess that it’s a leaf beetle as many are metallic and have long segmented antennae. If anyone familiar with UK beetles knows what it might be, I’d love to hear from you. In the meantime I’m just looking at that gorgeous colour.

Thanks for reading, take care,


Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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