Home Decor Hack for Personal Picture Perfection.

Easy steps to make your own home decor.

Wandering round a Home store looking for inspiration for wall art, I enjoyed some of the pictures with added inspirational or mindful text.

There was a problem, however, finding the right picture with the right sentiment.

The right text would be with the wrong picture or the right picture would have text I didn’t empathise with. In the end, I didn’t buy anything.

The empty space on the wall now mocks me.

Call yourself an Artist? Call yourself a photographer?

Call yourself a writer? Well nearly :-)

Why not just make something yourself?

With a hard drive containing thousands of your own images and access to thousands more great quotes and sentiments you should be able to come up with something, right?

Well, how hard can it be?

Not very apparently. So if you want to have a completely unique piece of Art for your wall with a message you love, here’s a step-by-step plan to follow.

  1. Choose your image.

The important thing to look out for when choosing an image is that there is space for the text you want to introduce. An image that is busy all over won’t look great. Your words need room to breathe. A large area of blue sky, an empty foreground or soft focus areas behind an off centre portrait work well. Take a look at online examples that you like the balance of for inspiration.

Top or bottom of this image would work well for added text.
This contemplative portrait has a great space for a message.

You also need a high resolution image to be able to print on a large scale.

2. Choose your words

Choose words to match the mood and content of your image. Or the other way round. Think about how long you need to live with the sentiment for and how evergreen the expression will remain.

3. Open image in Photo Editor.

Open your image in a suitable photo editor. I’m using photoshop but Gimp is a good free option. Serif’s affinity is similar to photoshop at a good price point.

Text tool from left hand menu.

Choose the text tool from the tools menu.

4. Choose your Options

Once you have clicked on the text tool, you will see the options available for use with the tool. Her they are below the main menu in the top task bar. You can choose from a range of fonts, type styles and sizes. The drop down menus show the choices available to you. Just click on your choice.

You can also change the colour of the text. The current one is shown as a rectangular box (coloured turquoise above). Click on the rectangle to bring up the colour picker.

The sliders on the rainbow bar adjust the hue. Click on the large square to choose shade.

Hold the mouse button down while pointing at the arrow on the rainbow slider to alter the colour. Click in the large square to choose the actual shade, indicated by the white ring. Click OK when you are happy with your choice.

5. Type in your Words.

Point the mouse to roughly where you want your text to be (you can move it later) and start typing. Adjust the size and font as necessary. If you need to move your text, click on the move tool and a box will surround the text which you can drag into position.

Move tool brings up drag points to move or change size of your text.

You can also change the size of your text by dragging on the small square handles.

6. Apply Transformations

The last tool in the bar allows you to warp the text for a number of effects. It’s fun to play with and worth experimenting.

Warp Text pop up dialogue box.

The strange shaped T after the colour change box gives access to the warp tool. Click on the T to bring up the dialogue box then choose a style from the drop down menu.

7. Finish and Save.

Click on the tick at the end of the options bar to set the changes to the text.

You can now save your work. Using Save As will retain your original image as long as you save your work under a new name.

You could now print the finished piece yourself or use one of the many printing companies to print it on your preferred surface.


You can now easily create your own design for wall art, home accessories T-Shirts and more. Not only can you personalise your own space but you’ll have a never ending range of gift ideas with that perfect personal touch.

Take a look through your own images now and see what you can make :-)

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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