Getting Back on the Horse

Emergence — a bedraggled looking Blue Tit emerges from a hole bringing out the rubbish.

Starting something new is scary. The work to be done can seem daunting.

At the same time it’s exciting, thrilling. The prospect of discovery both of yourself and things around you. When I first started painting, I can still remember how I found a new way of seeing, an intensified awareness that was a complete surprise. The wave of awe carried me through the difficult times of the learning process.

Starting again when life has intervened in your plans, picked you up and dropped you on your head, leaving you feeling just a little more broken is a whole different ball game.

But creating is a part of who and what I am and it brings me joy. This quieter wave may not be as frenetic as that first wave of awe but hopefully it will be enough to carry me through this first stage of plain hard work.

Hard work , for me comes in the form of finding markets for my work, using social media to drive interest and building my website.

A screen shot on my computer as I start to rebuild my website.

I was never happy with my website — it was hard to navigate and clunky. But the rebuild is coming along much better. It will be leaner and cleaner with a much quicker upload time for images. It is going to take some time especially as I can usually find something “better” to do.

The photo at the top of the page, taken in my garden, somehow encapsulates the moment. Escaping from the dark, leaving the comfort of the nest, bringing out the rubbish, looking a little careworn. Nothing a little time and attention can’t fix once the nestlings have fledged.

As lockdown slowly eases here in the UK, I look forward to brighter times for us all.

Stay safe and take care


Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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