Don’t Beat yourself up Be Brave

It’s January 7th 2018 and I haven’t written anything for Medium since before Christmas.

There are a dozen reasons, not least of which was having the flu and needing to spend time with loved ones.

There are loads more excuses.

I feel like the student who hasn’t done his homework and has to face his tutor. The musician who hasn’t practised, the actor who hasn’t learned his lines. The trouble is I’m facing me and I’m way harsher than any critic and I know exactly what I have or haven’t done.

Dandelion Clock.

Now, at the bottom of the cliff face, the climb to where I should be seems insurmountable. Maybe I should just turn around and stay here. Keep on at the job I hate. Keep trailing into the press of inhumanity of the city. Keep waiting for the release of retirement. Keep doing the same thing, going nowhere.

Now is the time to be brave. Now is the time to get your big girl boots on and take that all important first step. Now is the time to take a look at the goals you set yourself and focus on them again.

So you’ve had a couple of weeks off. You needed to recharge and reconnect. Now you need to take that first step back on the path. Nobody said it would be easy. If it was easy everyone would do it.

So you’ve taken a little detour. So what? At some level you must have needed it. Don’t fret it, just get back on the horse, keep calm and carry on!

The thaw begins on Llyn Mawr

It’s a harsh time of year in the Northern hemisphere, the days have been short and dark but we’ve turned that corner now and as the days lengthen your energy levels will return so it’s good to re-evaluate and get right back in it.

Take that first step. Write something, anything. Draw something, play something. It doesn’t have to be great. It just has to reconnect you with what you really love.

Catch the breeze, sail away.

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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