Crush Artists Block Completely and get Painting Pronto.

31 tactics to stay constantly creative.

Janice Gill
9 min readMay 30, 2018


Fruit Mandala.

Hello white canvas, goodbye inspiration.

You’re staring at it again. Palette ready, brushes clean, interruption free time guaranteed.

And…. nothing.

Yesterday you knew exactly what you were going to do, but now you’re not so sure. Is it really a good idea?

The deadline is looming closer and you need some great work for that exhibition.

Dive into these 31 inspired tactics to get you off the starting block. Some are tried and tested, some are fresh new angles, all are going to help you get where you want to be.

1 Splash it on all over! You wouldn’t start a gym session without a warm up, so get yourself going with a fun loosening up session. Get a big brush with weak runny paint and just slosh it around. Use your favourite colours and have some fun. Don’t think it, just feel it. When the surface is covered take a good look. See which passages attract your attention. Take a photograph if you like and save it for a mood board. The more you do this, the better the results get. Just remember to really let go and have no preconceived ideas.

Oriental Abstraction.

2. Change your routine. Complete things in a different order. Get in your studio first, before breakfast and coffee. Break the cycle to beat the block before your head catches up. Prime your sleep by doing something creative before bed or watching a couple of you tube demos.

3. Indulge yourself with a treat. Have some of your favourite food or drink. This releases chemicals in your brain that make you happy and more relaxed, a much better place to work from than grumpy and tense.

4. Create for yourself. Make something just for you. Not for selling, not for exhibiting, just for your own enjoyment. It’s much easier to get started when there are no restrictions and the pressure…



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