An English Garden Week 2

This is week 2 documenting the wildlife visiting our garden. We support the wildlife in our city edge location by providing food in the harsher weather and by allowing areas of the garden to naturalise, providing habitats and food sources.

This week has seen visits from our usual range of 4 species of tit. The great tits have been regular visitors, happy to share space with their smaller relatives.

Great Tit striking black hood and breast stripe.

The Nuthatch is more of a loner and when he arrives, the other birds disappear to return once he’s had his fill.

The sleek Nuthatch with his orange/beige breast, grey back and black eye stripe.

A more unusual visitor so close to the house is this Jay. One of the more colourful members of the crow family, he is more often seen at the far end of the garden in the old apple tree. In flight, his bands of black, white and bright blue on the wings are fantastic sight.

This Jay is more hungry than usual, braving the proximity of the house.

This winter has been particularly cold so far and continues to be so with cold nights forecast. Very little in the way of insect life is around at the moment and bird populations suffering from the loss of their normal habitat can plummet. A little bit of help by providing appropriate food is a boon.

Plant life is starting to push through the frost and snow with snowdrops still in flower, crocuses showing their bright colours and daffodils with tightly furled flower buds.

At the smallest level, lichens and mosses thrive on established trees creating fantastic gardens in miniature.

Lichen Garden

Each of the cups in this image are smaller than a pin head. I used a Macro lens for this image. The low light and wide open aperture meant a very small portion of the frame was in focus. Macro photography is one of the more challenging areas in which to create good images which makes it a very absorbing past-time.

An icy arctic blast for next week will be a challenge for the wildlife. See what the north wind brings …

19th -26th February 2018

Find the next week on this link.

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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