An English Garden Week 10

Berberis Flowers almost ready to open

April 9th — April 15th

For this 10th episode the most obvious feature is the emergence of flowers and foliage.

We had one new visitor — more about her later. First thing to notice is the explosion of colour among the evergreen shrubs. The berberis flowers are swelling ready to open on a warm sunny day, the Camellia bright red against the deep green leaves it has kept all winter and the Vibernum lighting up the darker corners with it’s stars of white.

The opulent flowers of Camellia.
Spot lit white stars on the Vibernum belie their pink buds.

Less showy but no less important for the wildlife are the hazel flowers. These will later become the cob nuts enjoyed by Dormice, squirrels and some larger birds. And me too, if there are any left :-)

Tiny flower on a hazel twig.

They need their much more obvious and showy counterpart, the male catkins to complete the fertilisation.

The male Catkins on the Hazel produce the pollen to fertilise the female flowers.

Talking of food for the wildlife during summer, hopefully with some left for me, the Honeyberry and Blueberry bushes are also bursting into life.

Honeyberry leaves begin to open.

I like this kind of shot where a feature is in focus only at the top, emerging from a field of colour provided by the rest of the object. The sun lit this perfectly making the inside of the leaf glow with colour.

Our New Visitor.

This particular visitor may not be everybody’s cup of tea but they play an essential part in the food chain for are more adorable species.

The abdomen on this spider has gorgeous markings.

In this shot she was taking shelter in a half coconut shell. I’m not sure of the species so if anyone can help identify it for me, that would be really great.

Next week promises to be warmer and brighter for us. That will make a nice change from the cold, foggy and wet weather we experienced for most of the last week.

Plenty of opportunity to catch up with our regular garden birds and resident fox. Watch out for links to all the episodes so far that I will put together this week.

Cheers, Janice.

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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