What now for finding your perfect image?

The image above is a composite of original digital painting, a photo of the milky way I took myself and two images provided by NASA via Unsplash of the surface of the moon and an astronaut.

NASA provided a number of amazing pictures for Unsplash available for anyone to download for free. Many photographers joined, providing high quality images without taking any fees.

Many images on Medium are from this source. No recompense is expected or asked for, just acknowledgement of the source and artist.

I have a few of my own photos on there, they have been downloaded thousands…

Barn Owl by Janice Gill

The reason it’s popular is it works.

Creating space for the Wild Things

English Bluebells

In the corner of my garden devoted to the wilder side of things, this tiny patch of English Bluebells was a nice surprise. I love the colour, delicacy and scent that brightens woodland floors across the UK before the canopy of the trees blocks out most of the light.

Unfortunately, Spanish bluebells are the common plant used in gardens with adverse effects on our naturalised flora. …

Male Blackbird keeping watch.

Blackbirds are one of the most abundant birds in the UK. This male has set up home in the tangle of growth that is a Winter Flowering Jasmine. The coverage is so dense it provides excellent shelter and protection for nesting birds, aided by the fact it is an evergreen. During the winter it was covered in bright yellow flowers, great for insects awake early!

Holly Blue butterfly —by Janice Gill

In 2018 I wrote weekly about my garden and all the visitors I got, birds, insects, mammals all had their days alongside the plants.

Since then I’ve moved house. I no longer have a large and diverse garden on the edge of the Peak District but have an average town garden, surrounded by houses. The front of the house sports a supposedly low maintenance gravelled area with a couple of shrubs in it. The rear garden is mostly laid to lawn.

Visitors are few and far between — a close cropped lawn is pretty much a desert as far as…

Harvest Mouse on Teasel taken using Olympus OM-D E-M1

Emergence — a bedraggled looking Blue Tit emerges from a hole bringing out the rubbish.

Starting something new is scary. The work to be done can seem daunting.

At the same time it’s exciting, thrilling. The prospect of discovery both of yourself and things around you. When I first started painting, I can still remember how I found a new way of seeing, an intensified awareness that was a complete surprise. The wave of awe carried me through the difficult times of the learning process.

Starting again when life has intervened in your plans, picked you up and dropped you on your head, leaving you feeling just a little more broken is a whole different…

Janice Gill

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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