Storm passing Peak District, Janice Gill

7 Surprising Tips to Level Up Your Photography

1. Ditch the Rule of Thirds.

Splitting the picture in half emphasizes the reflection. Derwent Reservoir, Janice Gill.

2. Shoot in any light.

3. Don’t make everything pin sharp.

The edges of just a couple of petals are in focus giving a soft romantic feel. Blush Rose, Janice Gill

4. Over or Under expose.

Under exposed according to the camera, but the colour in the sky is right. Sunset Mountain Pass, Janice Gill.

5. Don’t take more pictures.

Getting right down on the floor, level with this lichen produces a fairies eye view. Lichen Globe, Janice Gill

6. Don’t hide.

This Otter was watching me as much as I was watching him, the eye contact makes the shot. Janice Gill

7. Tell a better story.

The Heron may be small in the frame, but there is a great sense of place. Snowdonia from the Cob, Janice Gill.

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