Cutting through unwanted refracted light.

The United Kingdom is a blustery island often with plenty of water in the atmosphere. Sometimes this is fantastic for creating wonderful photography with softened detail in the distance, helping foreground subjects stand out. Sometimes it is a nuisance, literally clouding detail we want to see.

The two puffin images…

Beautiful wildlife in my garden

I think this must be my favourite of all the butterflies in the U.K. The iridescence of the turquoise blue in the eye markings catches attention with every tiny movement.

Named for the markings that bring to mind a peacock tail feather, this butterfly is one of the easiest orange…

Day and night flying moth with gorgeous colours.

I had to look this moth up as I had never seen one before even though I have grown mint most of my adult life. It’s called a Mint Moth but also feeds on marjoram, as here, and on thyme.

As it is quite small, about an inch across, I…

Puffin sniffing the daisies on a cliff face.

Comical sea birds
Tightrope-walking cliff face clown
Dress coat, orange boots

I love these birds that seem to have been painted with a permanently sad expression. An expression at odds with their fun demeanour. Their impeccable dress-coat style accessorized with orange feet…

A verse creation metaphor.

Pristine, perfect pale leaves beckon. Greedily
Gorging words in a caterpillar scrawl
Accretion of ideas, phrases forming
The metamorphic challenge yet to come
Constrained in pre-set form and wrapped in metre
Shuffle, change and rearrange, to somehow
Bring rhythm that sighs like butterfly kisses
Lines that flit and flutter by, wings beating
Paint a vision of such delicate…

Janice Gill

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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