Four Spotted Furrow Bee by Janice Gill

Take a walk on the Wild Side.

Bees and Bryony

Waiting to see what comes up in your garden when you allow nature back in is a continual surprise.

My natural area starts at my bay tree. Hidden below it’s dense canopy of evergreen leaves, I’ve left some old branch wood and leaf litter to create a habitat for insects. Through this has grown a this Bryony plant. It has large lush green ivy like leaves and is a vigorous climber. The flowers are pale green with sharp acid green markings and prominent yellow anthers. Pretty in an understated way.

It has huge value to bees, who clamour to get…

Tree Bumblebee (Bombus Hypnorum) on Raspberry flowers by Janice Gill

How does my Garden Grow — Week 6

Bees and insects play a vital role in the ecology of planet Earth, evolving to perform the essential pollination of almost every plant species.

Without pollinating insects there is no fruit, far fewer seed producing species and not enough food for any creature on earth, including humans.

In Decline

The decline of our insect population has been dramatic for a multitude of reasons including mass use of insecticides. The problem is, these chemicals are non specific and take out our friends as well as our foes.

The severity of the decline was brought home to me by just a few days ago…

Herb Robert, a native Geranium in the UK, photo by Janice Gill

Mid May

It’s the middle of May and it’s unseasonably cool for the time of year, but life keeps moving on through the sunny spells and thunderstorms — we don’t usually get many of those until August!

Going Native

New native flowers are appearing almost daily, untroubled by the cold nights and torrential rain. Some flowers are a little bruised from the hail, however.

The flower at the top has appeared in a nice sheltered spot close to the house. It doesn’t get many hours of direct sunshine so I’m happy to see it brighten up the shade. …

Red Squirrel at British Wildlife Centre by Janice Gill

Supporting Wildlife while Enjoying your Craft.

Until recently I must admit to sitting on the fence with regard to collections of wild animals. I had bad memories of seeing tigers restricted to tiny spaces at the Zoo on a childhood visit. But I also knew that ideas had changed and conservation of species and breeding programmes were helping to save some animals from extinction.

Last year, I took part in a Photography day at the British Wildlife Centre and was blown away by the whole experience.

Over Before it’s Begun

Of course, being 2020, not everything went smoothly. I had booked a visit for April before there was any hint…

A Prickly Proposition by Janice Gill

Sorry — they probably won’t make you Rich

Son — We need to talk about Crypto

Me — Oh Yeah?

Son — Do you have some quality pictures of your Art? NFT’s are going to go crazy!

2 Days Later

Son — Forget the NFT’s, they’re a disaster for the environment.

Too late, my interest was piqued and I had done a ton of investigating into NFT’s, their uses and their impact on the environment.

What now for finding your perfect image?

The image above is a composite of original digital painting, a photo of the milky way I took myself and two images provided by NASA via Unsplash of the surface of the moon and an astronaut.

NASA provided a number of amazing pictures for Unsplash available for anyone to download for free. Many photographers joined, providing high quality images without taking any fees.

Many images on Medium are from this source. No recompense is expected or asked for, just acknowledgement of the source and artist.

I have a few of my own photos on there, they have been downloaded thousands…

Janice Gill

Award winning Artist and Photographer still learning and evolving. Blogging the journey.

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